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The developing mother’s body is complicated and ever changing, even post pregnancy. Mothers often learn how to care for a pregnant body, but what about post pregnancy or what’s commonly referred to as the 4th Trimester.

Most of the focus is on losing weight post pregnancy. While that is a valued desire, what is commonly ignored is the structural changes that occur by carrying a baby around for approximately 40 weeks. A mother’s hips, lower back, rib cage, upper back, neck, knees, feet, pelvic floor, abdominals, organs, and even the MIND are all affected by the process. This nurturing body becomes un-nurtured. The body is put through the ringer and then we are conditioned to think the best way to lose the baby weight is to start running, train for a race, join cross fit, or take classes at the gym. And while some mothers have success with those paths, most do not. You cannot take something that has been stretched, ripped, twisted, and leaned on and expect it to be ready to go without any prep work.

Is a mother’s focus on her body finished once she has delivered her baby? Yes, it is often neglected, but should not be. The focus on a mother’s health, just like infant health, is an area needing special attention.

A healthy mother for a healthy baby.

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